Rixos Sro [D11] EU/CH Long term Mixed sytem- New Skills&Balanced

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  • Welcome to Rixos Online, Rixos Online. It is a system or business system. At Rixos, we work on a system that combines both work-drops and coins. Do not pay attention. In addition to

The Beta Phase lasted 3 days from the end of the year.
- Pinned HWT Temple unique spawn
- Fixed FGW
- Mobs Spawn Rate Increased
- The Temple of Fortune.
- Auto Equivalent D10 Normal items +3

- The grand opening will take place on Monday, February 4th. GET IN LET'S!

Exp / Spin | 45x
Exp / Sp Party | 50x
Gold Release rate | 30x
Alchemic | iSro Rates
FGW Card rates | 2x iSro rate
Pc Limit | 3
Vote for Silks | worker
Max Plus | Without 12 Adv
CTF | worker
BE | worker
Fortress war | HoTan Only
Adv A | effective
Adv B | disabled
Apocalypse Scrolls | disabled
Damage Abs / Inc Slides | disabled
The Jewel of Sabakun | disabled
Satan Spirit Class S | disabled
academy | disabled

- HP / MP [1,000]
- 10 Reverse Return Scrolls [10]
- 50 Instant Return Scrolls
- 1 m Skill point
- 10 m Gold
- Beginner's Boost

* Auto Equipment From D1-D10
When you reach the level of each degree, you will get in. Full Blue +3

* Guild & Union Limit
After the guild is created, lvl 5 is created.

Guild limit = 25 players in each guild

Unity = 3 guilds

As you all know, we have decided to balance the two races by setting some EU and Ch skills so there is no balance between the EU and the Ch races in Rank 11. Upgrade with Coinsrope

Nova Guns and Alexandria in 101-110 gangs, to enter the game and to start the journey was determined with a simple fall

- According to the FGW Collection book ( Egy A Weapon) .

- ( Egy B Weapons) By Awaken System

You will buy the dead EGY B weapon. you can buy Awaken weapons from Awaken items NPC in Alexandria for 300 arena coin

- Awakening weapon you need for
  1. 250 Awakening Glass of Tear
  2. 250 Awakening Glass of Crystal
  3. 250 Awakening Elixir Powder
  4. 1 Awakening Stone of Weapon

- (For Awakening Shield)
  1. 250 Awakening Glass of Tear
  2. 250 Awakening Glass of Crystal
  3. 250 Awakening Elixir Powder
  4. 1 Awakening Stone of Shield

Red Crystal and Awakening Elixir Powder Reduce from Uniques in Alexandria 105 Job Temple
Awakening Stone of Weapon
You can buy from the same thing Npc with upgrade coins

[/ Spoiler]

Destruction Set (EGY A)
Unique from the Holy Water Temple Middle Ratio
Or You Can Purchase Egy Treasure Box For 50 Arena Coins or 350 Job Points And When You Use This Box You Will Get A Random Destruction Part

Immortality Set (EGY B)
From the Golden EGY Treasure Box you
can buy for
500 Arena Coins or 1200 Job Points and you'll be random Immortality part.

* Npcs That Sell the Boxes

Myth & Legend Accessories

  1. Each Legend (EGY B) track costs 500 Arena Coins & 750 Job Points.
  2. Each Myth (EGY A) part costs 200 Arena Coins & 350 Job Points.
You can buy them Job Master Npc in Alexandria Town

Alex North has 3-day quests on Npc Quests Master

  1. 5 Silk Quest
  • Quest Objective: Hunt 50 Lv 102 Alexandria Tenen Mobs Report a single post for Npc Quest Master and you will receive 5 Silk Scroll

  1. 10 Silk Quest
    . Task Purpose: Collect 50 Doomed Hearts From 106 Evil Bug Mobs In Salt Desert And You Will Get 2x 5 Silk Scroll

  • 15 Silk Scroll
  • Task Purpose: This Is The Most Difficult Task. Gather Soul Of Her Unique In Holly Water Temple

1- Soul of Sphinx 2 Soul of Horus 3 Soul of Horus 4 Soul of Nephthys

  • Award 3x 5 Silk Scroll
  • Also vote for Silk is not included in our website ie Silks Pay2win ^^

  • No doubt 105 Job D11 Games Temple is important so we decided to increase the struggle between hunters thieves temple
  • Uniques in Cave
  1. 3-5 global chatting
  2. 3-5 reverse scrolls
  3. Special Elixirs "weapon shield pro acc"
  4. Glass [350K SP] scroll
  5. 3-5 Awakening Glass of Tear, Crystal
  6. 1-2 Awakening elixir Powder
  7. 3-5 immortal stone D11
  8. 8 upgrade coins
* Special Elixirs: elixirs have a little more chance of success

  • A temple mobs a new temple you'll find inside only.

  • In it you will get the unique unique "Temple of luck hero" which drops and some spawn silk items and killing it

  • You will find the temple of luck door in Alex north Town

* Box of luck
  • In the temple there is box of luck spawn every 1h when you kill it in the box you will get luck buff which increase luck 3%

  • We also drop this box from Socket Low Rate & lower Lucky Powder since the lucky powder is not in the grocery shop in Alexandria from the temple of luck only.
  • And these are the temple you've won by killing monsters in buffs.

  • Now let's enter the systems in Rixos.
  • Job system:
    Job system depends on the effort of each person jobber
    When you trade once you restart your account

  1. Trader received 30 Job point from 5 Star Trade
  2. Hunter receives 25 Job point from 5 Star Trade
  3. Thief Receives 25 Job Point From 5 Star Trade

#ihbar: Top 10 Jobbers to Be Given Honor Buff Soon

  • 1st rank will get the job for each:

  • 2nd and 3rd

  • 4th - 7th

  • 7th - 10th

  • And will be updated weekly
  • Don't forget to buy many of these job points. You can also buy silk items with Egy Treasure boxes
  • Anti Cheat Anti Fortress War Layout: These things will be implemented once fortress war has just begun

  1. Pc Limited in fortress war will 1 So you have to enter fortress with 1 account only
  2. bots will be disabled during the battle
  3. Tracing is also disabled
  4. some buffs will be disabled in fortress war

  • Top 300 Levels Reward: 3rd system will reach 300 players for automatic gift lvl 110

  1. The 1st 100 players in their award 200 silk and red treasure box.
  2. The 2nd 100 players are silk and the same red treasure box.
  3. 3rd 100 players Their prize is 100 silk and the same red treasure box.

  • Upgrade Skills: Just added new DMG to EU and CH for both races.
  • you can buy it from skills trainer npc in Alex north town
[SPOILER = "image"]

[/ Spoiler]

1- EU skills:

1- CH skills:

  • Each Skill Cost Upgrade Coin fall in everything else in the game:

  1. Normal uniques
  2. HWT Uniques
  3. 105 Cave Uniques

  • Recycle Coin: This system allows you to change the amount of useless Recycle Coins with skill points.
  • Each 50k Skill Points can be changed to 5 Recycle Coins.

  • You can buy Recycle Points with :

  1. Globals (11 Units = 35 Coins )
  2. Reverse Scrolls (11 Units = 20 Coins )
  3. Nova +8 Weapon / Shield 41% stats Durability 30 (100 Coins)
  4. Egy A +8 Weapon / Shield 41% stats Durability 30 (300 Coins)
  5. Egy B +8 Weapon / Shield 41% stats Durability 30 (750 Coins)
#ihbar: You can't repair these weapons
Recycle items NPC is located in north north

  • Pet Attack Skills: First of all equine animals are blocked due to pet's speed bug
  • 2nd Basically you can get this system you can use the NPC and the ability of domestic animals

Pet Attack skills are:
  1. Force Of Fire: 20% Physical & Magical pet damage increase. Burn Probability 25%.
  2. Force Of Lightning: 20% Physical & Magical pet damage increase. Electric shockProbability 20%.
  3. Force Of Cold: 20% Physical & Magical pet damage increase. Freezing Probability 5% & Frostbite Probability 25%.
  4. Numbness Stun: Stun probability 25%, 2.0 seconds.
  5. Ultra Division: Division Porbability 50%, 5.0 seconds.
  6. Ultra Impotent: Impotent Probability 50%, 5.0 seconds.
  7. Ultra de-buff collection 1: Bleed probability 25% 10.0 seconds, Decay probability 50% 5.0 seoncds & Weaken probability 25% 10.0 seconds.
  8. Ultra de-buff collection 2: Sleep probability 65% 3.0 seconds & Disease probability 65% 20.0 seconds.
#ihbar: Every skill you can buy gold & Arena Coins & Job Points
There are only 2 ways to get the arena coin:

  1. Battle Arena Winner 15 Attract 7 Lose 5
  2. CTF 1 Arena Coin per killing
#ihbar: Battle Arena and CTF Sincerely Will Work Every 2 Hours CTF Time Will Be After the Arena's time up to 2 hours

  • Anti Cheating Applies to Both Arena & CTF

  1. PC limit arena and CTF 1Discovery of coins and avoid fraud
  2. Pet attack Also disabled
  3. Minimum level for entrance is 101
  4. AFK Players will be automatically disconnected

Rixos rules

  1. The Rixos Team insulting anyone is permanently banned if the ban continues for 3 days.
  2. purchase / sale Both the buyer and the seller are permanently banned for real money.
  3. You can report any system failure Discord group Or Facebook page.
  4. Any kind of cheating will forbid you to remain safe.
  5. Promoting other servers in the game or on our facebook page allows you to permanently ban you for a week and repetition.
  6. Global chat towns or any location is strictly prohibited.


  • I apologize if there are errors in language because I don't know Turkish and I used translation sites.
  • Rixos Team We have worked hard to create this masterpiece and we will not stop planning for new systems. If there is anything you can write on the dispute, we need to support our community. You have a bug or an idea in the game or a new idea we will be happy to hear from you
  • You have to respect the other players and respect the GM team or you will be guided by the game. We look forward to seeing you at Rixos and enjoying the fun. And keep in mind that this is just the beginning.

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