Region Online - 100 Cap CH - Final Stage Event - New Systems - 22.03.2019 21.00

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Region Online Yetkilisi

Grand Opening :22.03.2019 - 21.00

BETA : 18.03.2019 ~ 21.03.2019

We offer our players a higher quality and fun game and we have been working on it for a long time. At the end we are proud to introduce you to our new Online Region Online.
What will be different this time?
As we always say, we will continue to be the leader of innovations.
The events that you have never seen before, have been added to our game considering the happiness of players and considering all players.
So why again Region Online?
Regioln Online host to real 3000+ players each time.
Another reason is that we have been able to activate events that many games cannot imagine.
We are confident that we will offer you the most active, most systematic game where you get the best balance between the 100 Cap CH servers you have played so far
NOTE: We do not need to explain how we design games smoothly. Our old players already know this.
How will we serve you?

128 GB (MG-128) OVH server and F8 Filter's Professional + package, you'll play in a server where you won't even have the slightest delay
Then let's go to the details of our game without waiting you guys.

Our server will be 100 Cap. So why again 100 cap? We've become so specialized on this Cap that we wanted to open these new systems in a cap that we trust.
We have chosen the Chinese race because we will focus not only on CH but also on a single race in our new events.
100 Cap is set to 330 with the most suitable mastery limit.
Silk System
In crowded mass games we always preferred the Silk system because it keeps the market alive and we know that the play2win game is more suitable in the silk system.
Main Town
Donwhang will be the main town because its the most beautiful and loved city according to its design.
Start Level
As the main city will be Donwhang, we will launch you here as 24 Level.
Guild Penalty
Guild penalties have been removed in our game.
Job Penalty
If you left the job, your 7-day penalty will occur. You can reset your penalty with the Job Penalty Remover in the NPC.
PC Limit
You can log in with a maximum of 2 characters from a computer.
Guild Limit
A guild can be up to 24 people. According to our current research and considering the number of guilds, the most appropriate number is 24.
Union Limit
Union Limit is set to 3.
Max Plus
The highest limit is + 11 without ADV.
In our game ADV is only available for Gold in NPC.
ADV has been added in such a way that it does not disturb the balance.
Details are available below.
PK Status
PK Status has been closed.
Fortress War
Hotan – Jangan Fortresses are available.
Old Systems
Adding a nostalgic touch to the 100 Cap with old views will be beautiful. It will return us to 2005-2006 years.
Old Login

Old Alchemy

Old Cape

Old Exchange

Old Exp Bar

I think old systems are enough. Let's start slowly to new systems.
Global Item Link
Now you can show your items you want to sell or show by adding them to global.
Color Global
3 different colors will be available for Global Chats.
Yellow global
As you know you can buy from Item Mall and can gain from almost everywhere with events.
Green Global
It is the global color that is exclusive to our Supporters and Streamers.
Purple Global
It is the global, which we specially adjust with its more attractive color , you can buy from Item Mall and gain from only special events
Title Color
With 5 kinds of title color changers, you can have the title in the color you want.
Afk Bubbles
If you stay in AFK for 5 minutes or more, you will see a bubble animation that will be visible to all players.
Unique Target
When you attack a unique monster within the game, an icon appears over the character which getting attacked by unique.

We created a clone map because our game will be crowded.
But this time we have developed a slightly different system.
You can be sure that one person will not even say that I have a slot problem.
With the procedure we developed, we set the speed of mobs to 0.9 ms.
The regions of Salt Desert and Kings Valley in Alexandria were cloned three times.
Thus, you can comfortably leave your char for botting.
You can go back to these areas with Reverse Scroll or you can also use teleport near the Donwhang Special NPCs.

We tried to make our game more understandable and beautiful rather than making it too complicated.
Firstly there are 3 different sox.

Seal of Star = 98 +1
Seal of Archid = 98 +2
Seal of Moon = 98 +3.5


Where to obtain it?
Seal of Star items are obtained with hard drop from 100 Lv mobs.
Also it comes out from Grade A-B-C boxes.


It has a power of 98 +2.
This item is the most valuable item of the first 2 weeks of the game.
Seal of Archid has importance to obtain the Moon after 2 weeks.
Because the Seal of Archids can be upgraded into the Moon.
Because the Seal of Moon is one of two ways to get the Seal of Archids upgrade. It will be activated on Monday, April 8 (right after the 2nd Fortress War of the Game).
The details of obtaining the Seal of Moon are just below.

Where to obtain it?

Grade A Box - B Grade Box - C Grade Box - Sky Temple Uniques

Note: The drop rates according to the degree of the Boxes are in detail in the post.
Let's continue on to the Moon.


Weapon and Equipments right side, Shoulder - Hands - Foot and Rings will be added after the 2nd Fortress War of our game.
After the 3rd Fortress War , the left side of the Equipments, Head-Chest- Legs and the Earring - Necklace will be added.
Where to obtain it?
Seal of Moon items can be obtained in 2 ways.

1- Job Point - Event Coin

Traders win 10 Job Points per 5 * trade
Thief will win 7 Job Point in every 5 * trade stealing
Hunter wins 1 Job Point for every 5 * in the party.
The weekly Job Limit is 300.

Event Coins can be obtained from the Battle Arena and Survival Arena.

NOTE: Event Coin is opened to TRADE.

NOTE: The amount of Job Point and Event Coin required for Seal of Moon items will be determined 3 days before the Moon's arrival.

2- You can obtain the Moon by upgrading the Seal of Archid.

The Seal of Archids will be converted to the Moon to ensure that the Seal of Archids do not lose their value and the labor of those who receive this items is not wasted.
But of course you won't get the whole set.

So how do I convert?

ofcourse with the Moon Upgrade Scroll.
To be able to upgrade, your Seal of Archid item must be at least +8.
In addition, the blue and stats in the item you upgraded will also be in the Moon too.
The stats and blues you make will not disappear.

NOTE: When +8 Seal of Archid item is upgraded, Moon is +0.
When +9 Seal of Archid is upgraded, Moon becomes +1.
+10 When the Seal of Archid item is upgraded, it becomes Moon +2.
+11 When the Seal of Archid item is upgraded, Moon becomes +3.

How can you get the Moon Upgrade Scroll?

With Job Point and Gold you can buy from NPC.

Note: The Job Point and Gold amount required for Upgrade Scroll will be determined 3 days prior to the arrival of the Moon.


We've thought a lot about how we can make a box system without confusing your head.
Finally, we offer you a fun, active and simple box system.
3 different boxes are available.

• A Grade Box

% 5 Seal of Archid -% 15 Seal of Star -% 10 Yellow Global Chat
Where to obtain it?
The Battle Arena winners are given 1 piece of grade A box.
You can also get from special events.

• B Grade Box

% 7 Seal of Archid% 20 Seal of Star% 10 Mor Global Chat
Where to obtain it?
Job and Special Events.

• C Grade Box

% 25 Seal of Archid% 60 Seal of Star% 15 Special Title
Where to obtain it?
Only special events.


ADV can only be bought with gold. We have made a balanced system based on play2win.
Also, ADVs are added as +1 to avoid balance.

A single trade route has been activated to increase job competition.
But with a slight change, a more balanced route was created for both traders and thiefs.
Purchase of goods is only from Jangan.
You enter Petra from one of the 2 teleport.
You can see from the map below.
Jangan is berserk free but berserk closed in Petra.

Trader Buying Goods = 100m
Trader Goods Sales = 300m Sales (200m Profit)
When Thief steals this goods, he earns 75M.
Traders win 10 Job Points per 5 * trade
Thief will win 7 Job Points in every 5 * trade stealing
Hunter wins 1 Job Point for every 5 * in the party.
The weekly Job Limit is 500.

NOTE: The Trader, Thief, Hunter wins a B Grade Box in the caravan of 10 round 5 *.

In the box system, the Hunter is considered to have taken only one caravan every 15 minutes. Whether it be 1 person or 7 people in the caravan, the hunter is still considered to have taken 1 caravan. After 1 caravan it cannot get points again for 15 minutes. We prevented Hunter from getting the Grade 2 boxes in one go at a time.
For B Grade Box from Job, your daily PC and character limit is 1.

In our previous game, we added the Job Suit system and you guys loved it very much .

Why would the buffs of all suits be the same?

We offer you 1 special skill which can be used in 4 different options and active for each job from a single dedicated Job Suit.
PHYSICAL - MAGICAL - BLOCKING - CRITICAL you can choose the one that suits your style of play through these 4 different options.
All you have to do is to have an Ultimate Suit owned and put your PM on the character [REGION] by wearing your suit.

for Physical $[REGION] phy
for Magical $[REGION] mag
for Blocking $[REGION] block

for Critical $[REGION] crit

Just type in.
If you want to change the skill you're using $[REGION] default
You can reset your skill to select a new skill by typing.

ATTENTION ! You cannot select a new skill within 24 hours if you reset the skill you are using.


Job Suit buffs are as follows. Hunter, Thief and Trader buffs are the same.

Garden, which is a popular system because it is more enjoyable and different from Job Cave, has been activated as you all know.
At certain times of the day, 3 Arabia Unique spawns in their private rooms .

Harrison - Merikh (STR) - Launatune

Can only be entered with Job.
Here you will witness the great Job Wars.
Uniques will be very valuable for you will drop items.
You can teleport here from the private teleport in Donwhang.

Garden Unique killer is going to win 10 Honor Point.

Drops :

- 4 pieces 100 silk item
- 2 pieces Immortal stone
- x2 B Grade Box
- %20 C Grade Box

Medusa spawns in the original area B5. The Uniques before the Medusa's HP were reduced by 50%.

The character who kills Medusa will win 15 Honor Point.


- 100 silk is going to send to killer’s account
- 5 pieces 100 silk item
- 8 pieces Immortal stone
- 2x B Grade Box
- 1x C Grade Box

You can teleport from Medusa to the snake-shaped teleport at the NPCs in Donwhang.


The unique rank will be reset every Friday at 22:00 in the evening (except when the game opened week).


1. 750 silk + C Grade Box
2. 500 silk + B Grade Box
3. 250silk +A Grade Box

Battle Arena winner team earns 5 Event Coin and loser team earns 2 Event Coin.
Also winner team earns 1 A Grade Box.


To increase competition between guilds, we have activated Battle Arena Guild War on Monday - Wednesday - Friday at 21:30. Each member of the team winning the Battle Arena has 75 silk and 5 Event Coins, while the members of the losing team are given 25 silk and 2 Event Coins.

Silks are sent directly to your account and you may need to teleport if you do not see them on F10.

The features of the Honor Buffers are adjusted as follows to make them more balanced.

Bronze Buff : %7 Attack Rate
Silver Buff : %10 Speed
Gold Buff : %3 Mag/Phy Attack %3 Mag/Phy Defense
Honor King Buff : %110 Berserk

From where do you get Honor Point?

To earn honor points, you must create an Academy.

Survival Arena
Madness Unique
Garden Unique
Karkadan & Khulood(STR)
Final Stage Event

Survival Arena :
You earn 2 Honor points per char that you kill (you get a maximum of 2 honor points from the same person).
You lose 1 honor point when you die.

Madness Unique
Killer wins 15 Honor Point.

Killer wins 15 Honor Point.

Garden Unique
Killer wins 10 Honor Point.

Karkadan & Khulood(STR)
Killer wins 7 Honor Point.

Finel Stage Event
Last Unique Killer wins 20 Honor Point.

NOTE: Honor rank reset every Monday at 23:59.

Sky Temple activated again because it was a highly acclaimed system.
When you enter Sky Temple 3 uniques will be waiting you inside.
Therefore, you can enter Sky Temple with only Party.
Inside, there are 3 uniques.
Uniques has their own quests.With these quests you can open the Holy Skills and get the boxes.

Sky Temple is going to stay opened for 30 minutes.

You can join this event once a day.
With PC Limit 1, only 1 char can enter this area per day from 1 PC.

Logs of PCs entered daily are reset after 24 hours of entry.

What is the Holy Skill? What does it do?

New skills with more damage, every build will have its own Holy Skill.


Quest Name : Sky Temple Holy Skills (Daily Quest)
NPC: Quest Manager (Donwhang)
What to do : Dropping a pouch from 3 Unique in the Sky Temple.
Explanation: At the shared EXP and Item party, pouches can be dropped at the same time for everyone who gets the quest.
Reward : 30m Skill Point

Quest Name: Sky Temple Box Quest (Daily Quest)
NPC: Quest Manager (Donwhang)
What to do : Dropping a pouch from 3 Unique in the Sky Temple
A Explanation: At the shared EXP and Item party, pouches can be dropped at the same time for everyone who gets the quest.
Reward : 1 piece B Grade Box


This event will be tried for the first time on silkroad private servers is also a very enjoyable event.
So please read the introduction carefully.
At a certain time of the day, everyone can participate as a solo.
It consists of 3 stages.

- Names will be hidden to prevent groupings.
- Party inside has closed.
- When you enter inside the cape will automatically '' yellow cape ''.
Your goal here is to cut the mobs and try to get the key and kill your opponents and try to prevent their transition to a higher level.

How to Participate?
When you join the system's auto-message commands at the specified time of day, the system will automatically teleport you to the Stage 1 area.

Operation of the event?
It consists of 3 stages. Event mobs are spawning at every stage and you have to kill these mobs and get the key to pass to the 2nd stage.
Note: One thing to be aware of is that each Stage has a certain duration, and when this time is over, the teleport of a higher tier will be opened and only the key holders can pass there.

Stage 1 :
When you teleport to the area, you will try to get the key for Stage 2 by killing the mobs that are spawning for 5 minutes. The aim of Stage 1 is to passing to Stage 2 within 5 minutes.
Note: Key rate 5% Duration 5min

Stage 2 :
The operation Stage 2 is the same with Stage 1. The only difference is the duration and key rates.
Note: Key rate% 3 Duration 4min

Stage 3 (Final):
The players going to this level will struggle to killing the unique here.
Note: Unique's defense is balanced for str and int characters.
The person who kills unique will be the winner of this event.

-200 Silk
-20 Honor Point
-C Grade Box


Survival Arena event is available in our game.

When you write #SURVIVAL to the character named [REGION], you register the event.

For example: $[REGION] #SURVIVAL

Survival Arena names are hidden and automatic cape is available.

Berserk status is active.

Each character starts with the same suit.

When the registrations are completed, the system automatically selects the players and pulls them to Survival Arena.

You get 1 Event Coin from each kill you get here.


LMS activity is also available in our game.

You write #LMS to the character named [REGION] and you will register the event.

The event happens once a day.

Berserk status is closed for use.

Automatic cape and red suit attached.

If you die you will be sent to the town and eliminated.

The person who stays last he wins the event and wins 300 Silk as a reward.


We have reactivated this event because it is very popular in our previous Region game.

In this system you will have fun as well as you will win a silk without any loss.

You write #BRUTAL to the [REGION] character and register the event.

Berserk is OPEN TO USE.

Event happens once a day.

Automatic cape and green suit is attached.

Each kill gives 10 silk.

If you die you will be sent to the town and eliminated.


We have reactivated this event because it is also very popular in our previous Region Online.

In this system, you will enjoy while making pvp and killing unique.

The aim is to enter the time coming from the unique Karkadan ( Madness ) and killing other players.

Berserk status is closed at the event.

Event happens once a day.

Automatic cape is also active here.

Valuable items drop from the Unique.

You can participate the lottery event with a lottery ticket from Special NPC for Gold. When you open the ticket, the system identifies you a random ticket number.
You can open as many tickets as you want from a character.
Lottery is held every evening at 21:30.
Each ticket used before the lottery is included in the lottery's of that day.
The ticket using after the lottery are included in the next lottery.
The winner is automatically notified by Notice with the ticket number.
The prize to be given to the winner of the lottery event is Silk.

TICKET : 300m


15- 100 Silk
14 - 150 Silk
13 - 150 Silk
12 - 200 Silk
11 - 250 Silk
10 - 500 Silk
9 - 550 Silk
8 - 600 Silk
7 - 650 Silk
6 - 750 Silk
5 - 1000 Silk
4 - 1000 Silk
3 - 1250 Silk
2 - 1250 Silk
1 - 1500 Silk

HOTAN - JANGAN Fortesses will be active.

Each Fortress has its own limits and awards.

Friday & Saturday all day long and Sunday until 20:00.

Between 21:30 and 23:00 on Sunday.
The limit of the Hotan Fortress is 500 players.
The limit for the Jangan Fortress is 400 players.

Kale savaşındaFW KILL COUNTER system will be active in Fortress War. On the right side of the mini screen you can review.

Alchemy Rate:

Devil Rate:

Region Online offers you a more enjoyable game as 100 Cap Only China.

One of them is the skils.

For example, the value of Cold Nuke is almost close to the Lighting Nuke.

We aimed to make an enjoyable game without breaking the balance.

What we're talking about here is that you're already noticed when you play our game.


The duration of all standard buffs are 2 hours.

These buffers will not be deleted unless you are teleported or out of the game.

This will benefit PvP and the Fortress War.

The buffs aren't erased when you get up from the ground with res.


Buffing times were set to 1 second, rather than making the game boring, with a long long buff.


- All skills in the Force Cure and Cure Therapy series are linked together. Re-use times are increased to 25 seconds and one debuff can be deleted.

- The skills in the Heal Series series were linked together. Re-use times were increased from 3 seconds to 6 seconds.

- Vital Spot Spirit and Vital Spot Muscle reuse times increased from 2 seconds to 5 seconds.

- The Vital Spot Mind, Vital Spot Mind, and Vital Spot Brain are reduced from 20 seconds to 12 seconds. The probability debuffs is reduced from 80% to 45%. It will take 20 seconds when you use it.


- The amount of damage to the ice Imbue and nukes was increased and brought closer to those in the lighting group. (Fire> Lightning> Cold> balance maintained)

- Cold Wall 30 seconds reuse time.

- 300 STR condition is added to Snow Shield skill


- Fire Shield revised. (Poisoning, resistance to poisons such as burning ice cream strengthened)

- The Fire Wall Skills have been linked together and their re-use time has been changed to 30 seconds.


- Arrow Combo skills in 6 seconds re-use time has been brought.

- Exp Ticket is fixed and provides a 25% increase. Premium provides an increase of 25% Exp for 3 hours per day.

- Vigor is filling 12% HP 12% MP and can be used in 4sec.

- Elixirs are obtained only from drop and daily tasks. Thus, it is aimed to create a stall market.

- Blue zerk pot removed from the game.

- Devil is set to +3 maximum. +4 and over can be printed but no buff or hp mp change. Therefore, you have to face the possibility of blasting +4 and over !! There won't be anything changing after + 3.

Dynamic Ranking

It is added as a rank table which takes the competition to the line level based on the kill numbers in special event rooms.

Areas where Dynamic Rank is active;

Madness Arena
It was based on the kill numbers in the Madness Event.

Rank 1 : C Grade Box
Rank 2 : B Grade Box
Rank 3-4-5 : A Grade Box

Survival Arena
Based on the kill numbers in the Survival Arena.

Rank 1 : C Grade Box
Rank 2 : B Grade Box
Rank 3-4-5 : A Grade Box

Based on the kill counts in the Last Man Standing event.

Rank 1 : C Grade Box
Rank 2 : B Grade Box
Rank 3-4-5 : A Grade Box

Brutal Arena
It ‘s based on the kill numbers in Brutal Arena.

Rank 1 : C Grade Box
Rank 2 : B Grade Box
Rank 3-4-5 : A Grade Box

Fortress War

It ‘s based on the Guild's kill numbers in Fortress War.
The Rank here is only for the image is not given a reward.
#Beta Changelogs
1) Premium silk price reduced 400 to 350.
2) Global Chat silk price reduced 15 to 12.
3) Balloon silk prices reduced 25 to 5.
4) Starter Pack's Title changed to Title Coin.This way you are going to be free to choose any title you like.
5) Buffalo added to Starter Packs in order of 15-20-25x.
6) Starter Pack's dresses changed to new and better ones.(Male Arabia - Female Witch)
7) All new characters will start with 5x Buffalo pet.
8) New Titles added.
9) New Avatars added.
10) Queen Title addeda s an alternaive of King Title.
11) Defense Scrolls added to Silver & Gold Starter Pack.
12) Devil Magic Stone added.
13) Angel Wing Devil opened trade.
14) Sky Temple quest rewards increased to 30m SP.(1 Holy Skill requires 60m SP)
15) Force's imbue skill cant be open with other imbues anymore.
16) Skill Reset is going to delete Holy Skills and give back its SP.(Bug prevention)
17) Force's Ghost Walk skill Range is reduced and closed to use with Lightning's Ghost Walk skill.
18) Holy Skills of Fire Build delay problem fixed.
19) Sky Temple DC fixed.
20) Party is available in Madness Arena.
21) Lottery Event fixed and Information added to Ticket.
22) 100 Level mobs defense reduced.
23) Final Stage Event bug fixed.
24) Cold Defense buff and Defense Scroll using at the same time is available now.
25) Bicheon's Phy/Mag attack Holy Skill reduced .
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