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We are looking forward to presenting our new server which we have worked very hard for a long time for you. We have discussed with our teammates to make the game more appropriate and balanced and we prepared as a project. In this Project , We’ve planned to launch a server with 100 CAP-CH version and F8 Guard.
Forget all the private games you have played until now. You will see how much we value the game and the players as long as you know us.​

Better Game Quality , Reliable Server and Support Service !

As Nexon , in order to provide the best game service and experience , we will launch our game servers based in OVH France.The most important thing we choose F8 Guard as security filter, which serves the big servers.
We ensure that you will have the best quality game experience.We sincerely believe that you will never stop playing in the 100 CAP-CH system and a lot of people will get the true game experience as they expected

10.05.2019 GMT +3 20:00 Our server will be launched.

Cap :100
Starter Town : SAMARKAND
Start Lv : 1
LvSkill Mastery :330
PC Limit :2
JOB Limit :1
IP Limit :4
Exp Rate :35x
Sp Rate :35x
Party Exp :40x
Gold Rate :2x
Job Rate : 2x
Sos Drop : Disabled/Kapalı
MoonDrop :Enabled/Aktif
Sun Drop : Disabled/Kapalı
Alchemy Rate : Hard ++
Alchemy Plus : +11
Advanced Elixir (+1) : Enabled/Aktif
Free Silk :Enabled/Aktif
Drop System :Enabled/Aktif
Special Procedure :Enabled/Aktif
All Exploits : F8-GuardDDoS Protection480Gbps
Guild Limit :24
Union Limit : 3
Fortess War :


S Bot : Enabled / Aktif
M Bot :Enabled / Aktif
PH Bot : Disabled / Kapalı

Physical Damage Absorption%10
Magical Damage Absorption%10
Physical Damage Increase%10
Magical Damage Increase%10
Attack Rate Increase%10
Parry Rate Increase%10
Alchmey Rate Probability%5

Level 92 mobs are available in Constantine Region
Level 94-97 mobs are available in Samarkand Ivy Region
In addition to this , Level 100 Mobs’s are available in Dowhang Cave. ( Drop Rate is set up as Hard / low chance )

How it Works ?

From the moment NEXON Server is opened, logs are recorded.
First three players who reach up level 100 receive real money reward!

1.100 >>>> 50 TL
2.100 >>>> 50 TL
3.100 >>>> 50 TL

What is Crystal Elixir ?

Crystal Elixir , an elixir has a more chance on powering up.

How to get Crystal Elixir ?
Medusa Unique
Job Cave
Job Garden
You can get crystal elixir from these uniques.

Note : Dont leave your luck to items.

As Nexon , you can get NPC item in Dowhang Region for your convenience.

1 DG - 9 DG Full Blue +5 Sos can be obtained ;)

Alchmeny Shop , is located at Samarkand Region.
Str-İnt-Lucky-Steady Stones costs 5m while other Stones cost only
3m golds.

Note : Immortal Stone is added into Npc and it costs 250m golds.

Job Arena : We have placed two teleport points in Main City , Samarkand as the roles of Thief or Trader.

The event starts once you teleported into CTF. You get a single cup for each kill. You can exchange cups when you collect 10 cups from the event So-Ok

Players who get CTF will be rewarded with Nexon gift box.

NEXON BOX İçerisinde ;

1 unit Moon İtem >>>> %1
1 unit Crystal Elixir >> %10
1 unit Global >>>>> %20
1 unit Sabukan > >>> %30
% 5 DMG Baloon >>> %40

We have no doubt that you will like the system.
A unique competition with both fun and rewards for you!
Let me give you brief information :
3 Arena Boxes awaits you in the Samarkand NPC!

you will have the Box ,with the Coins you win..

150 Arena Coin 100 ArenaCoin 200 Arena Coin
5 Gold Coin 10 Gold Coin 15 Gold Coin

%3 Moon İtem %5 Moonı İtem %10 Moon İtem
1x Astral 1x Astral 2x Astral
1x Global 1x Global 2x Global
1x Sabukan 1x Sabukan 2x Sabukan
1x ADV 2x ADV
2x Crystall Elixir

Note : Please check your bag if it is full or not , before opening the boxes. Otherwise , you may not get nothing from the boxes.

Responsibility does not belong to us! :eek:

>> Battle arena (PARTY) winners get 7 ARENA COİN losers get 1 ARENA COİN. <<
>> Battle arena (RANDOM) winners get 7 ARENA COİN losers get 1 ARENA COİN. <<
>> Battle arena (GUİLD) winners get 10 ARENA COİN losers get 2 ARENA COİN. <<
>> Battle arena (JOB) winners get 10 ARENA COİN losers get 2 ARENA COİN. <<

NEXON ONLINE 's must-have is of course MEDUSA!

It is an exciting and rewarding event while you are waiting for tough competition.

MEDUSA will be Spawned on its spot at 21:00 once a day.
In order to go to MEDUSA we added teleport place in Main City (SAMARKAND). In this way, you will have an Access to MEDUSA easily.

Medusa Drop ;
1 Piece >> Moon iTEM
5 Pieces >> Sabukan
3 Units >> Global
2 Piece >> IMMORTAL
% 5 Baloon
3 Units >> Crystall Elixir
Kill 5 TL (Cash Money) .

As NEXON, we have not forgotten those who spend more time on the game.

Our Unique Rank, which will be reset every week, will also provide automatic rewards.

Every week the Sunday evening is reset at (23:59)
1. - 2. - 3. - players will be notified with the notice and prizes will be given After that, Rank is resetted.

1. Unique Master Rütbe 20 TL ( Turkish Money)
2. Unique Killer Rütbe 15 TL (Turkish Money)
3. Unique Hunter Rütbe 10 TL (Turkish Money)

As Unique Drop;

>> 1 Dg Lucky Powder is added. <<

You will need Lucky powder if you want to power up your DeviL Sprit.

- The system will be automatically dressed in the Job Suit.
- In 3 unique and challenging competition will be waiting for you.

In Unique Drop;
1 Piece of Moon ACC >> 30%
2 Piece of Sabukan's
3 Units Global
100 M Gold Bar

>>> Job Garden will be opened its doors at 19:45 <<<

Survival Arena allows you to stay inside for 15 minutes.
The website and in-game Honor Rank table will be created in the top 50 rankings.
The Yellow Cape will be attached to you once you enter inside.
You can't party to each other.
You can't activate a pet inside.
The war will be begun once you enter!
1 Kill :1 HONOR POINT.

>>>>>>>10 People.
>>>>> 10-25 People.
>>>>> 25-35 People.
>>>>>> 35-50 People.

To join the Last Man Standing event: Just type LMS in the NEXON Character.

LMS Time: Records records at 21:15.
- Zerk cannot be used.
- Once a day.
-You’ll be back in the city once you die.
- Party is not available.
- Cape color is yellow.
- The insertion time of the Cape is 30 seconds.
Reward: Last character is awarded with 5 TL. (Turksh Cash Money)
-Max Limit 100 Lv.


-During the event , ZERK is off.
-Event takes once a day.
- There's an automatic cape in the room.
- 30% Probablity of dropping Moon Acc from uniques
- Other kind of items drops.


-You will have fun in this system and you will earn TL without any loss.
-When you type #BRUTAL to the character named [NEXON], you will be registered to the event.
-Use of Zerk during the event is active.
-Event takes once a day.
-Automatic cape and green suit is attached.
- Each kill gives you 1 TL. (Money Cash Coin)
-She is sent to the city and eliminated.

>> GM Kill EVENT <<



NEXON Hotan opens the doors at 21:00 on Sunday.
- You will be entering a challeng against to your strong opponents.
A 100 TL Real (Money) prize will be awarded to the Guild who has won the fortress. (Real Money)
New Title for Guild Master who takes the Castle
(Hotan FortressWar Master )

>> Based on Player Rank's Top 50 Rankings . <<

Event Rules;

1-There will be an elimination.
2-Each match will consist of 3 rounds.
3- Winner will reach next 1 round.
4-STR characters encouter by Str characters and Int characters will encounter by inf characters.
5- Offline or AFK players will be eliminated during the event time.

>> RULES for STR Characters<<

  • During the tournament STR characters can not use Shield.​
  • During the tournament STR characters can not use Iron Shield..​
  • During the tournament STR characters can not use Bloody Snake​

>> RULES For INT Characters <<

  • During the tournament , Int characters can not use shield ( except for sword-shield builds)​
  • They can not use Bloody Snake​
  • They can not use Iron Shield​

>> Registration Start Date . 19.05.2019 <<

>>Registration End Date : 25.05.2019 23.59 Gmt+3 <<.

>> 25.05.2019 : at 15.00 Matches will be announced<<

25.05.2019 at 20:00 Pwp Tournament event will be started

1.- 250 Turkish Liras (Real) + Nexon Server King (Str ) Rank
2- 250 Turkish Liras (Real) + Nexon Server King (Int) Rank


- All the skills in the force Cure and cure Therapy series are connected each other. The re-use time has been increased to 25 seconds and can erase one debuff.
- The skills in the Heal series are connected each other. Re-use times increased from 3 seconds to 6 seconds.
- Vital spot spirit and vital spot muscle reuse times increased from 2 seconds to 5 seconds.
- The re-use times of vital spot Body, vital spot mind and vital spot brain skills have been reduced from 20 seconds to 12 seconds.
The odds of debuffs holding were reduced from 80% to 45%. When it does, it will last 20 seconds. (Reuse time is 12 seconds.)


- The amount of damage of the ice hand burning (Imbue) and nukes are increased and adjusted as closer to those in the lighting group. (Fire> Lightning> Cold> balance maintained)
- Cold War skill (shield) has a cooldown (30 seconds)
- Snow Shield skill is deactivated for STR characters.


- Fire Shield re-adjusted. (Poisoning, resistance to poisoning such as burning ice cream)
- The Fire Wall Skill has been linked to each other and cooldown has been changed to 30 seconds.


- Arrow Combo in the series of thrusting skills for a period of 15 seconds was brought again.

F8 Guard - OvH ServerIntel Xeon E3-1270v68t - 4.2GHz64GB DDR4 ECC 2400 MHzSoftRAID 2x480GB SSD500 Mbps bandwidth

Use of Zerk During the Fortress War is disabled.
Use of Zerk in the Job is disabled.
Use of Zerk During the Survival is disabled.
Use of Res at the CTF is also disabled.
- You can defeat 1 character up to 4 times in Survival arena. It will be resetted on each attempt.
- 10 DG Items in the game can be purchased as 7M from the NPC. Other NPC , 1-9 Dg items are based on 1 gold.
- Do not use the IDs and PWs you use in other games in our game.
- Character security , completely belongs to your responsibility. Please do not write to us related about any issue.
Please disable the virus programs or you will see the PC limit as a virus and you will not login to the game while downloading Nexon Client.
- In the game , Please do not download the bypass or dll links that sent by other players. Don't be exposed to trojons like Keyloggers .
- Do not trust anyone in the game. Do not rely on people you do not know to whom you do not communicate with TS,Skype or telephone.
- The caravan can only be taken at 100 level.
-Moon items drop from 92 + Moobs.
-In the game, players are free to sell or buy item sales among themselves.
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