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[INDENT] [INDENT] [SIZE = "1"] [B] Secure your heart. Look deep inside their souls. Because your courage will be tested today. If you need a reason to fight in the heat of war, it's an idea to give up everything you can have. You just have to look at the man who fought alongside you. That is the reason for the war. This is the brotherhood of men. An unbreakable bond was further strengthened by the battlefield. You're never gonna be any closer than when you bleed. Because there is no more noble reason to fight for those who will leave your life for you. So you're fighting strong today! You fight for your brothers! Battle for your family! [/ B]

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[SIZE = "2"] [FONT = "Arial Black"] [COLOR = "DarkRed"] [URL = "http://jsro.net"] [IMG] http://i.epvpimg.com/NP8fdab. png [/ IMG] [/ URL] [URL = "http://jsro.net/auth/register.html"] [IMG] http://i.epvpimg.com/xqAqbab.png [/ IMG] [/ URL] [URL = "https://www.facebook.com/JSRONet-1252220694936390"] [IMG] http://i.epvpimg.com/kI23fab.png [/ IMG] [/ URL] [URL = "https : //discord.gg/vwgxtfc "] [IMG] http://i.epvpimg.com/ccbjdab.png [/ IMG] [/ URL] [/ COLOR] [/ FONT] [/ SIZE]
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[INDENT] [INDENT] [B] JSRO Team [/ B] The aim was to recreate the old school Silk Road times based on the Slikroad era of the 70s. Our server works without silk donation - so it's safe to assume that this is not a single Pay 2 Gain direction for the server! Our study was performed by the players of the cover with a real passion and an itchy for the nostalgia of the 70s! [/ INDENT] [/ INDENT]

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[INDENT] [INDENT] [B] JSRO [/ B] 's goal is to expand the largest Silkroad online community of the oldschool players worldwide and maintain their effectiveness everywhere (in the game / on the social media / forum). INDENTOR]
[INDENT] [INDENT] Depending on the decision we have made and how the business proceeds from now on, we will not stop by simply creating a silkroad online private server, which means that we are ready to continue implementing new things when we reach our goals! [/ INDENT] [/ INDENT]

[TABLE] [B] [CENTER] Name [/ B] [/ CENTER] | [B] [CENTER] JSRO Rank [/ B] [/ CENTER] [CENTER] [B] Profession [/ CENTER] [/ B] | [CENTER] [B] SRO Knowledges [/ CENTER] [/ B] | [CENTER] [B] Languages [/ CENTER] [/ B]
InZiDeR | Owner | Advertiser, Entrepreneur, Internet Marketer | DB EDITOR / PK2 EDITOR / ADVERTISING / CODER | English, German

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[INDENT] [INDENT] The grand opening [B] was held on 02.02.2019 [/ B] and has an impressive success! [COLOR = "SeaGreen"] 400 [/ COLOR] without losing time! [/ INDENT] [/ INDENT]

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[INDENT] [INDENT] The most powerful and talented player to reach the highest available equipment and level! Prices are preety low, spartans! In this way, we can maintain the server as long as possible. [/ INDENT] [/ INDENT]

[TABLE] [B] [U] Rates [/ U] [/ B] | [B] [U] Amount [/ U] [/ b]
Experience Rate | X1
Party Experience Rate | X3
Drop Rate | X1
SOX Drop Rate | X1
Trade Rate | X1
Alchemy Rate | X1
Max Plus | Unlimited
Active Fortress | Nona
Capture The Flag | [COLOR = "Red"] Disabled [/ COLOR]
Battle Arena | [COLOR = "Red"] Disabled [/ COLOR]
IP Limit | 3
Botting | [COLOR = "green"] Allowed [/ COLOR]
Free Silk | 10 / H> Char Lv30
In-Game GM's | [B] NONE [/ B]


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[INDENT] [INDENT] The features added by our team are small, making the game as classic and interactive as possible. We tried to place the bases in the oldschool by recreating the old times you had to struggle to accomplish your Master journey and take up tasks. Let's start our server presentation [/ INDENT] [/ INDENT]

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[INDENT] [INDENT] 2007 is only available from map regions [b] Jangan, Donhwang, Hotan [/ b]. Then we did it! An oldschool map with a small additional space is still available! [/ Indent] [/ indent]

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[INDENT] [INDENT] [B] I made a little update [/ B], just to make sure you have enough space to grind as the donhwang cave can be crowded! Grinding, enjoy the brave soldiers! [/ INDENT] [/ INDENT]

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[INDENT] [INDENT] Our server is running [B] without donation [/ B]. Yes, as you hear! Our server does not want to donate for silk! We have set our system to give you [B] 10 Silk / hour [/ B] [B] 30 level after you only [/ B]! However, the donation page is still there! If you want to support the team for free work, you can donate as much as you want! [/ INDENT] [/ INDENT]

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[INDENT] [INDENT] [B] Jobbing [/ B] rates are not high, but satisfactory! We recommend to start trading immediately after reaching level 20! We can help you later ...
[/ Indent] [/ indent]

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[B] SOX rate [/ B] oldschoolers, basic to win, 1x!
Aswell, for the final stage, we have chosen to remove the Moon Seal and the Sun Seal because they are too many OP [8] [T] [U] only [U] Seal Of Star [/ U] available!

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[SIZE = "1"] Special thanks to [b] Maxy [[URL = "https://goo.gl/rQ8c22"] YT [/ URL] | [URL = "https://goo.gl/a1xptt"] [EP] [/ URL] [/ S] [/ SIZE]
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