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Hello everyone, We'd like to let you know that Destiny Network was just launched and we are inviting you to join our server as there are a lot of fun.
We also want to mention that Destiny Network was build with little bit hard game play, and also we plan to integrate innovations constantly.we plan to make our network system a dynamic one which means that our developers are constantly working to let our network up to date. We aimed to create Destiny circle which constantly renewing itself and to form a competitive gaming field.

Note:- We are not going to make a long article to describe Destiny, Let's just move to the lovely details and you gonna discover everything smoothly while reading...

Mastery | 330 (CH), 220 (EU)
Exp/SP| 25x
PT (Exp/SP)| 35x
Alchemy| Mid-Rate
CTF| Enabled
BA| Enabled
Fortress war| Enabled
Vote for Silks| Enabled
Titan invasion| Enabled
PC Limit|4x
Job PC Limit| 1x
CTF PC Limit| 1x
BA PC Limit| 1x
FTW PC Limit| 1x

Start Items / Buffs:

  • HP Recovery potion (X-large)
  • MP Recovery potion (X-large)
  • Instant Return Scroll
  • Monkey Summon Scroll (3 Days)
  • Santa avatar
  • Beginner bless buff

Max Stack:

Auto Equipment:

Since we know that this feature is very useful, as it save a lot of time and effort to create and make low degree equipment, And so you will have full blue +7 sun set starting from D1 to D9.

Other Features:

  • Purification Pill Bug Fixed.
  • Resurrection Scrolls Disabled.
  • Guild Emblem Fully Working.
  • Advanced Title System :-
    You can keep all your titles what ever they are... and switch at any time between them immediately.. otherwise its temporary Title :bandit:​

    AFK Bubbles :-
    Since in game community there is direct communication such feature was required to make the connection bond much stronger between players

    Races Balance :-

    Thats why we decided to balance between the 2 races for better game play by giving all Chinese characters a special spirit.. samurai spirit buff .

    Honor Buff System :-
    Honor buff is something make us feeling honored among all the server community, and so we have decided to release this system in the future since as destiny is a new released server, The focus will be on reaching the highest level ..."to be continued later".
    Credit Points :-
    Credit points is a currency for web mall, You can use it to buy items from Destiny Network Website, Try to collect it so that when we open the web mall you can buy spectacular and needed items, You can gain Credit Points from the below ways :-​
  • Daily Job Rank:- Everyday there will be 20 Credit granted to all TOP characters in job :bandit: .
  • Weekly Job Rank:-Every Week there will be 200 Credit granted to all TOP characters in job :bandit: .
  • Weekly Unique Rank:-Every Week there will be 200 Credit granted to the TOP character in Unique Hunting Rank:bandit: .

We have created some scrolls to make the game play smoother and easier :-

  • Skill and Stat Reset Scrolls:
    For players who cannot stand still with one build, you can now change your build at any time :), Using a skill reset scroll will reset all of your mastery and skills, as well as refund 100% of your used Skill points. Using a Stat Reset scroll will reset all of your STR or INT points and allow you to reallocate them.
  • Silk Scrolls:

    Since silk is one of the main in game purchases currencies , we thought to add silk scrolls into item mall and make it tradable too, which mean you can buy silk for other players in game for in game currencies like gold or trade it for any required materials, in same time silk will remain free to get by other ways will be explained below.. :)
  • GodBless:

    God Bless Buff with/Out effect was created to grand you more power and increase your agility for better game play.. :)

Alchemy Notice:
Upon succeeding to Plus any item to +12 [Max plus], a GM Notice with your name and the item that you plused will appear for everyone to see.

Battle Arena - Capture The Flag:
Since almost Everyone love CTF & BA so we've set its reward to be Arena Coins for both of them. although to avoid cheats we have set minimum level to register to BA or CTF is level 101 with 1x PC Limit.

  1. Battle Arena starts each hour @ x:25.
  2. CTF starts each hour @ x:59.
Free Silk:
Free silk is a must , since we need to give all players the chance to have plenty of silk, and because we are making a play 2 win server, Check the below :-​
  • Silk/Day :-Every Player will get 5 Silk as soon as 24 hours of game play completed, and so to prevent abusing for this system, players need to be level 110 before they can get silk. Also, AFK in town players will not get silk.
  • Daily Voting :-Every Player will get 15 Silk as soon as voting in our top list completed, players need to be level 1 or more before they can get silk. [ IP Limit ]
  • Jobbing :-Every Player can get silk through jobbing.. we will have more details in Job subject down there. [ PC Limit ]
  • Auto-Events :-Automatic events rewards is a fair, challenging and fun for all Players who can win it, you can get from 3 ~ 50 silk depends on the type of event.
NOTE : Total amount of silk which can be gifted daily [25 ~ 75] silk ... Based on each player priority and activity.

Fellow Pet System:
Fellow Pets will be available for silk. All fellow pet bugs such as speed bug have been fixed. And since these pets are the player fellows...they are going to help you by debuffing your enemies, And with higher debuff rate after you upgrade your fellow pet.

NOTE : Each fellow pet after upgrade will have its own debuff skills.

Upgrade Fellow pet to Elite Fellow pet

a) Fellow pet must be level 110.
b) Finalize Fellow pet Quests at Destiny Market NPC.
c) Put your fellow pet in the first slot and press on the upgrade scroll.

Description: ( Seal Of Nova ) [ Set- Accessories -Weapon ] is the basic SOX items.
Obtain Method: Usually be dropped with a good rate from all 11D monsters and uniques

Description: ( Destruction - Myth - Power ) these are the second tier of 11D SOX items which usually be stronger than ( Seal of Nova ).
Obtain Method: By upgrading ( Seal of Nova ) Items using the following scrolls which can be bought from Destiny Market NPC for Arena coins :bandit:

Description: ( Destiny - Fight ) this is the last tier of 11D SOX items which usually be the strongest items in 11D Cap.
Obtain Method: By upgrading ( Destruction - Myth - Power ) Items using the following scrolls which can be obtain by the below ways

  1. Upgrading Destruction to Destiny Armor Set:- You will need ( Set Upgrader Level 2 scroll ) to upgrade your armor set and you can buy it from Destiny Market NPC for Arena Coins

  2. Upgrading Myth to Destiny Accessories Set:- You will need ( Accessory Upgrader Level 2 scroll ) to upgrade your Accessories set and you can buy it from Destiny Market NPC for Gold Coins :bandit:

  3. Upgrading Power to Fight Weapon:- You will need ( Weapon Upgrader Level 2 scroll ) to upgrade your Power Weapon and you can obtain it by completing The Sea of Resentment Quest ( Talismans Collection ) Through Forgotten world
NOTE : The Sea of Resentment Quest ( Talismans Collection ) is repeatable

Forgotten World:
Team up and eliminate monsters and uniques in the shipwrecks . Collect the arena coins & talismans to get ( Weapon Upgrader Level 2 scroll ) , Dimension holes are available at Destiny Market, in Jangan.

NOTE : All grades are giving arena coins , Talismans, Nova weapons, Nova accessories & Arena Coin lottery too but with ascending rate based on the grade .. :) .

The Main purpose is completing FGW quest to upgrade your power weapon to Fight weapon by collecting all talismans and deliver it, And as mentioned before this quest is repeatable. :bandit:

Destiny Uniques:
Hunting uniques have been a main part of silkroad game play, So prepare your weapons and get ready to hunt uniques and get Nova items, Arena Coins.

NOTE : All uniques are dropping ( 10 ) arena coins each - Only Titan uniques dropping ( 5 ) each.

Job Uniques:

Since Job uniques killing was always the team up event that shows the challenge between ( traders/hunters ) vs thieves... and the winner will enter the uniques room to take over the monsters !, We have assigned a highly needed drop item ... which is Gold Coin " more info regarding usage of gold coin down there "

NOTE : All Job uniques are dropping ( 2 ~ 3 ) gold coins each - Nova accessories items - ( 10 ) Arena Coins.

Destiny Jobbing:
Jobbing is a main feature that will always be exists since it is always giving the enthusiasm, thrill and also work in a team is giving it an awesome feeling.. or even if you are playing it individually , And so we have worked on it, It will also help you building up your gears, weapons and even your strength since it will get you directly for the top gear for Destiny Accessories not only this.. Since Destiny is Play to Win ! server you can also get silk when you do play jobbing.. " check details below.
  1. Job Profit :
    Since job original and main purpose is to gain and make gold profit we have made the profit distribution more balanced based on what each job type actually deserve:-

    Traders will be able to buy a 5 star goods trade for 148 mil and sell it in 1 town distance for 350 ~ 400 mil which mean its almost 200 ~ 250 mil profit.

    Hunters will be rewarded with around 50 mil for each 5 star goods trade been protected and sold, That's a total sum of additional 350 mil for 7 hunters in a party with a trader.

    Thieves will sell a 5 star goods trade for around 140 mil and sure when having party members this profit will be less.. but still there is no thing to loose for this job type :bandit:
  2. Job Levels:
    Since we implemented the job system to have 7 levels once you have upgraded your job level ,You will keep it and will never loose it even if you have changed your job Type, You can buy Job level upgrade scroll using Gold Coin and its available at Destiny Market, in Jangan. :bandit:

    "Simple example of using Job Points"

  1. Job Suits:
    To increase the enthusiasm, thrill and challenging we have provided you new kind of job suits that grant you with 3 levels buffs as below :-
    • Suit Lv.1 : could be equipped from Job Level 1 and its granting " Battle Buff "

    • Suit Lv.2 : could be equipped from Job Level 5 and its granting " Majestic Buff "

    • Suit Lv.3 : could be equipped from Job Level 7 and its granting " Almighty Buff "

Prepare yourself alchemy masters !, Alchemy has been always backdoor for wealth for some , ِAnd nervous for others, Although it will still give the feeling of ecstasy when we achieve our required plus or status :) and there is no indicator for the success rate, you might have all the tools for a smooth alchemy but BOOM you watch your item disappearing or failing Destiny alchemy rate is still mid-rate with the maximum plus ( 12 without Adv. )

  • Rates:
    As mentioned Destiny Alchemy rate is mid rate, You can find the rates written on all the Lucky powder for all degrees in grocery NPC found in each town.

  • Destiny Weapon Style:

    Destiny Weapon Style scroll is used to change ( Fight ) weapon style to Destiny Style with same powers, blues and plus .. You can find it in Item Mall

Auto-Events:Automatic events have became a main role in game play activity it could be just number of Trivia (Questions) to a full death match, And sure with spectacular gifts, Destiny developers have made up about 16 auto event working perfectly... below is some of it others will be surprising for our players:- :pimp:
  • Trivia (Questions) :It's an event that requires fast intuition, Simply a global will be sent asking a random question it could be any kind of information, All players have the chance to answer Once. :D
  • Trivia (Questions) :It's an event that requires fast intuition, Simply a global will be sent asking a random question it could be any kind of information, All players have the chance to answer Once. :D
  • Search & Destroy :
    Simply Event bot will hide somewhere and then spawn ( Destiny Thief Unique ) , All players have the chance to find and kill Destiny Thief. :D

    Note: this Unique have HP 1 Hp.. with a weakest hit .. it will be dead, BUT its attack is very power full.. don't let it hit you :pimp:

  • Hide & Seek :
    Do you know all spots in the map ? Simply Event bot will hide some where and then send a notice about his spot name, after the half of the time pass.. bot will send a hint with his X & Y location in the map.. all players have the chance to win such event.

  • Alchemy Event Type 1 :
    Simply Bot will send a notice announcing that alchemy event will start soon.. and all players have 30 minutes to do alchemy.. after the 30 minutes finish , Top alchemist during this 30 minutes will be the winner based on alchemy points he already made, And the winner will get ( Alchemist ) title last for 1 day.

  • Alchemy Event Type 2 :
    Event bot will send a notice announcing about the starting of the event, Will go to an area he will declare about.. and then start dropping items and then announce that calculating alchemy points started to declare the winner, And all participates players have to try to get the highest plus on this kind of items in some few minutes..

Destiny Network

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